Curate’s Letter ~  Steering the ship!     


Following Revd Christine’s retirement on October 1st St. Barnabas entered an interregnum. A little research suggests that the term interregnum came into use during the late 16th century. With my basic knowledge of Latin acquired at O level even I am able to work out that “Inter” means between and “Regnum” means reign. The Interregnum in English history refers to the period of time between the execution of Charles I in 1649 and the restoration of Charles II in 1660. Different dictionaries have slightly different explanations such as “A period when normal government is suspended”. The Cambridge English Dictionary would have us believe that interregnum means “A period of time when a government or organisation does not have a leader”. These thoughts and definitions lead us to ask who is steering the ship, who is in charge?


Revd Christine boarded the ship of St. Barnabas five years ago and has navigated it very successfully to this point in time and as she steps ashore for a rest and new adventure we pose the question, has she left the ship idly moored for 6 months until the new captain takes the helm? I hope and pray that those left aboard are one hundred percent ready to continue the journey of Christian Faith in the stormy waters the Church finds itself in a very secular world we find ourselves in today. Revd Christine has left us a sturdy vessel with a great future in the town as we draw nearer to joining with St. Andrew’s Church next year. We have a strong Ministry Team in Carol, Val, Shirley, Revd John and Myself as your Curate in Charge. We have dedicated Church Wardens, and a very active responsible PCC and leaders of many groups of likeminded people.


It will be very much business as usual during the interregnum. Most Churches in interregnums do not have a priest of their own but St. Barnabas will have two, myself and Revd John. All services will continue as normal until May when Revd. Michelle will become Priest in Charge. I have received the best of welcome and support at St. Barnabas and after two years being trained and inspired by Revd Christine I am very pleased to be able to remain at St. Barnabas for some time to come.


Let us continue to work together for the furtherance of God’s kingdom in our parish and the town of Wellingborough.


May God bless us all in our endeavours.

                                                                                Revd Ray



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