Christmas at St Barnabas

Community Carols, 4pm Sunday 17th December in the Church Hall


What is it? An hour of festive fun for all the family. Come along and sing some of your favourite Christmas songs and carols, with festive refreshments. 



Carol Service, 7pm Tuesday 19th December


What is it? A traditional carol service with readings and carols, followed by festive refreshments. Usually last just over an hour



Holy Communion, 10am Sunday 24th December


What is it? This is a service of Holy Communion (see the below for more on that) that usually last about 1hr. Normaly we have hymns and sing parts of the service at our 10am on Sunday's but there may not be as much music on this particular service. There's no Sunday School, but we do have a creche area for you to take your child into, or some toddler bags if they'd rather sit on your knee. It's free, but we do take a collection during the service. Tea and coffee are served after this service.


Crib Service, 4pm Sunday 24th December


What is it? A short family service that everyone can be part of, with carols and followed by refreshements. Come dressed as an angel, shepherd, king or even a donkey as we travel to Bethelem in search of the new born King. If you've not got a costume we'll have some available for you to use


.Midnight Communion (Midnight Mass), 11,30pm Sunday 24th December


What is it? A Holy Communion service lasting around an hour. There'll be carols and music during this service, as well as a collection taken during one of the hymnsbut we don't serve refreshments after. We do get to be the first to wish you a Happy Christmas though!



Family Holy Communion, 10.00am Monday 25th December


What is it?  Come nd celebrate Christ's birth with us! A Famly Holy Communion service lasting around an hour. You can bring along your favourite present to show the congregation before heading home to enjoy your roast. 




Coming to Church this Christmas?


First of all you are welcome, and we want you to feel at ease. 

Holy Communion  If it is your normal custom in any other part of the ‘church’ to receive the bread and wine, then these are available at the central point of the service. If you are unsure about this, you are invited to come forward with others for a blessing. It can be worth having a chat before the service with a church warden or steward about how this works. Or with the Curate afterwards, over coffee (almost all main services are followed by refreshments, except Midnight Communion).


Some tips:

1. The numbers on the wall are hymn numbers. Refer to the orange book which you have been given on the way in.

2. Sit, stand and kneel as others do. It is okay to sit when others kneel.

3. Find a seat a little way back so that you can copy others if unsure. Though, you can sit anywhere you choose.

4. At the ‘sharing of the peace’ go with the flow. Most people shake hands. If you're not comfortable with that talk to someone on the way in.

5. Don’t stress if you are late. Come in at the back, and a steward will help.

6. Midnight Communion does not start at midnight! It begins at 11:30pm (on Christmas Eve)


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